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Luxembourg offers a wide range of opportunities to companies that are part of the data-driven digital economy. 

Luxembourg is home to a competitive data-driven economy, and the recent national strategy for data-driven innovation confirms the government’s ambition to remain pioneer in digital innovation. Initiatives on high-performance computing (HPC) and big data have resulted in Luxembourg being designated as host of the EU’s future EuroHPC agency, and the country has set up first the European partnership on artificial intelligence (AI) with global AI leader NVIDIA.

Luxembourg is a renowned centre of excellence in cybersecurity and data protection with very high quality digital infrastructure including excellent international connectivity and state-of-the-art high-end data centres. Its legal framework adapted to suit the needs of companies that have data as their most valued asset.

Luxembourg offers significant opportunities to companies that base their activities on collecting, storing, analysing, processing and creatively using data to enable new products, services or business model innovation. In this seminar, industry experts will give you further insights in how companies can benefit from the country’s digital strengths.