2019 Global Resilience Index rankingPublished by FM Global, the Global Resilience Index is designed to help chief financial officers (CFOs) and other business leaders choose resilience as they manage their own risk and site facilities, extend supply chains and cultivate customers. The index combines 12 core drivers of resilience structured into three main categories:

  • economic (productivity, political risk, oil intensity, urbanisation rate)
  • risk quality (exposure to natural hazards, natural hazard risk quality, fire risk quality, inherent cyber risk)
  • supply chain (control of corruption, quality of infrastructure, corporate governance, supply chain visibility)

The study provides ranked scores for 130 countries and territories around the world. Norway is considered as the most resilient country, before Denmark and Switzerland.

Luxembourg 7th most resilient in the world

Luxembourg is listed as the 7th most resilient country in the world. The country ranks particularly well in the economic sub-category, where it is on 2nd place. It is number 18 in the world in terms of risk quality, and 23rd in the category supply chain.